Note on terminology: "Refugee" vs "IDP"
American Heritage Dictionary defines "refugee" as " One who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution."  Other dictionaries add that the term refugee "especially" (but not exclusively) applies to a person who seeks shelter in another country.  In the years following WWII, various internationial agencies have begun to make a differentiation between those who flee within the sometimes arbitrary boundries of their own country and those who flee across international bounderies, reserving the word "refugee" only to the latter and using the term "Internally Displaced Person" (IDP) to describe the former.  This distinction rarely benefits anyone, and frequently causes great injustice, especially when the conflict is itself about the arbitrary imposition of unjust borders by outsiders.  In the present case, it is used to justify subjecting those who have sought refuge to the jurisdiction of the very same persecutors they are trying to flee.  My choice of terminology in this article is deliberate, and is based on these considerations.

Kenneth A. Grimm