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India Mission Report

2004 - 2005

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Tsunami ruined boats

India Mission

2004 - 2005

Mangalapudi Beach, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Ken Grimm with neighbor's infant

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Although the original plan was for me to work in India for two years, due to financial constraints we found it necessary for me to return to the USA in March 2005.

I was at first working with at a Christian school in Haryana state near Chandargh,  preaching and teaching both on campus and in churches across Haryana and Punjab states.   During this time I was sent to help with works in Hyderabad (the capitol of Andhra Pradesh) and in Rayalasima (the southern portion of Andhra Pradesh).  While in Hyderabad I was able to re-establish contact with the church in Vijayawada (in coastal of Andhra Pradesh) where I had worked in 1983 and 1993-4.

In November I relocated to Vijayawada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.  It was my intention to remain there for the remainder of my stay in India, conducting seminars for pastors and preachers in coastal Andhra.  One seminar was conducted in Vijayawada in December, with two more planned for January and February.  Then on December 26, just as I was leaving for a brief trip to Nepal to restart the clock on my visa to India, the tsunami struck.  From that time forward until I left India on March 7 2005, almost all my time was taken up coordinating assesments of tsunami damage and assisting in disaster relief.  I was able to conduct the January seminar in Guntur District, but the February seminar in Machilipatanam, Krishna District, had to be cancelled.

This was be my third and fourth visits to India, and my first visit to Nepal . In 1983, after ten years of prayer and preparation, I was able to go to India for a short trip and work with several local preachers. My family and I traveled on our own between several small cities in southern India, primarily in Andhra Pradesh. We developed a strong relationship with Brother Elisha M. Peter, the preacher of a church in Vijayawada, which lasted until his untimely death several years ago. In 1993 I was able to return to India to work with Bro. Peter again.  On this trip much of my work was done in coordination with Elisha's son Vijay Samrat.  The main focus of my teaching at this time is building up the church for works of service.

I believe that the Lord has particularly prepared me to share the Good News of Jesus Christ within the context of the Indian culture. Because of the investment which the Lord has in me in preparing me for this work for most of my life, I am confident that even as the previous trips and this trip brought glory to Him in India, future trips will result in even greater glory to His Name.

All of my work in missions is under the supervision of the elders of the Westminster Church of Christ .

Please prayerfully consider supporting this work. I am convinced that this work will strengthen many in their faith in Jesus Christ, just as many have been built up by the work God has done through me on my previous trips to India, Jamaica and the Philippines. Even if you cannot give financially, please keep this trip in your prayers.

Kenneth A. Grimm

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