Philippine Mission

Spring 2004

Salvador Church of Christ building

        From March 18 through April 16, 2004 I was in the Philippines for two purposes, first, to strengthen the churches and the Christians on the islands of Cebu and Bohol, and second, to meet with the other half of my mission team for our upcoming mission to Africa, to make plans and to complete government paperwork necessary for that trip.
       Both objectives were met on this trip.  The relationships formed with the church members in Salvador, and with the local preachers on Bohol, form the beginning of a long-term work in central Bohol.  Although commitments to Africa and India will keep us from devoting a major part of our effort there in this decade, I am sure there will be profitable work for us there whenever we return to Grace's hometown.  This is a solid, indigenous work, which is now spreading from Salvador to Datag, and soon to nearby Carmen.  It was a tremendous joy to be able to share in God's word and in all that God is teaching us in our daily life in Christ Jesus with these evangelists and Christians.  The primary emphasis of my teaching there on this trip, both public and private, was salvation by grace through faith, apart from law (Romans 4) and the continuous cleansing of our sin by the blood of Jesus Christ (1 John 1).  In addition, I was able to teach several small groups on Titus 2, focusing on the contrasting and complementary teaching roles of the evangelist and the older women of the church.
       Grace and I were able to solidify our plans to join our lives together in God's service.  Together we decided to pursue the route of bringing Grace to the United States on a fiance visa prior to our departure for Africa.  This seems to be the route with the least probability of long delays due to government bureaucracies.  Being together in one place for the first time in two years we were able make substantial progress on both the plans and the red tape.  For example, we were finally able to get a certified birth certificate for Grace, which had been held up because Grace's mother's maiden name was mis-spelled in the National Statistical Office records.

Kenneth A. Grimm

Basak village

Cebu-Tubigan Ferry

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